Learning about headings and adding images

Heading 2 looks like this


awefawefafawe awef awe


Milo drink

I love Milo (especially the Malaysian kind)

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Blogging in June 2014: Some demos for my lovely students

It’s a wild and woolly day and we are back at the CCGS Futuresphere, learning how to blog.

As usual, I want to demonstrate some of the basics of blogging here to get my lovely students on the road to being blogging superstars. (Lots of potential in the room today!)


This is my blog at Not A Ballerina in case you want to read it.


We’re talking about images. One of our students needed a Venetian blind image. Maybe not quite like this one.


Broken venetian blinds.

These spectacularly broken blinds are actually in Frankfurt.


(Image from Rupert Ganzer).

Now I’m sitting watching my students blog and wondering which brave soul will be the first to hit “publish”!


I’m calling from the Futuresphere

“I’m calling from the Futuresphere” is a phrase I have never used until today.

I needed to say it so that the lovely IT man would get our internet to work again. Quite important when you have 16 people ready to get blogging (this is a block quote).

So, now they’re watching me type this post and I want to demonstrate a few things really quickly because obviously they are itching to get to their own computers (some of them are there already).

Luckily I can type reasonably quickly.

Milo drink

I ❤ Milo

I also want to show you about links. For example – this photo is taken from my post about visiting Malaysia.

The other stuff is pretty self-explanatory. Like a list:

  • like the way Rae does it
  • in her blog I Opened My Mouth and It Ran Away Without Me
  • I love her lists


To those of you who are starting a blog today …

Dear new bloggers-to-be

(because I’ve got a “Becoming a blogger” course running again tomorrow, 22 February 2014).

Perth bloggers meet for a chatIt’s nearly an entire decade since I first began blogging. Back then, I barely knew what a blog was and I certainly didn’t know anyone in person who actually knew what a blog was. These days, thank goodness, lots of people (though a long way from everyone) know what a blog is. And thanks to social media and other cool stuff it’s much easier to meet people who know, understand and love blogging.

I’m going to test that out here and send this post out on social media, the night before your course. I’ve got a question for all those bloggy people I know out there, and I hope some of them will answer it in the comments. (Although, the way the world is going these days, they might answer on Facebook or Twitter instead. I know I do sometimes. Remember this, when you’re stressed about comments in the future.)

The question is simple :

What do you know now that you wish you’d known the day you started blogging?

Massive thanks in advance to anyone who gives an answer.

Three and a half years of blogging courses …

I’ve been teaching blogging courses at UWA Extension since my son was just a tiny baby – in fact, the first time I’d left him for more than a couple of hours was the very first time I ran a blogging course at the FutureSphere.

My son before my first blogging course

Very tiny son … a couple of months before the first blogging course

Lots has changed in this time but the basics of blogging have remained the same. The best blogs tell great stories, use some beautiful pictures or interesting video, and are friendly enough to make readers want to come back again and again.