I’m calling from the Futuresphere

“I’m calling from the Futuresphere” is a phrase I have never used until today.

I needed to say it so that the lovely IT man would get our internet to work again. Quite important when you have 16 people ready to get blogging (this is a block quote).

So, now they’re watching me type this post and I want to demonstrate a few things really quickly because obviously they are itching to get to their own computers (some of them are there already).

Luckily I can type reasonably quickly.

Milo drink

I ❤ Milo

I also want to show you about links. For example – this photo is taken from my post about visiting Malaysia.

The other stuff is pretty self-explanatory. Like a list:

  • like the way Rae does it
  • in her blog I Opened My Mouth and It Ran Away Without Me
  • I love her lists



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