To those of you who are starting a blog today …

Dear new bloggers-to-be

(because I’ve got a “Becoming a blogger” course running again tomorrow, 22 February 2014).

Perth bloggers meet for a chatIt’s nearly an entire decade since I first began blogging. Back then, I barely knew what a blog was and I certainly didn’t know anyone in person who actually knew what a blog was. These days, thank goodness, lots of people (though a long way from everyone) know what a blog is. And thanks to social media and other cool stuff it’s much easier to meet people who know, understand and love blogging.

I’m going to test that out here and send this post out on social media, the night before your course. I’ve got a question for all those bloggy people I know out there, and I hope some of them will answer it in the comments. (Although, the way the world is going these days, they might answer on Facebook or Twitter instead. I know I do sometimes. Remember this, when you’re stressed about comments in the future.)

The question is simple :

What do you know now that you wish you’d known the day you started blogging?

Massive thanks in advance to anyone who gives an answer.


6 thoughts on “To those of you who are starting a blog today …

  1. I wish I ‘d known that successful blogging includes for me, two main things. Always Being helpful ( or hugely entertaining ) and making connections with other bloggers (especially those in the same niche as you).

  2. Great question!
    For me it’s probably 3 things: 1. Just be you, you will attract the readers who like your style and it’s much easier to maintain than trying to be someone else. 2. Pick a topic you’re passionate about but that is broad enough that you won’t get stuck for content. 3. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle (or to their highlights reel). You start where you are and love the readers you have. More will come if you stick with it.
    And just remember that blogging is meant to be fun! Enjoy!

  3. Hello, be true to yourself, be honest, you will find your voice, which can take some time. Have fun and don’t think people are judging you because they aren’t. We all make mistakes, blogging helped me grow and helped steer and open me up to new paths and experiences I never imagined were possible. Good luck xxxx Rae

  4. I wish I had gone to lessons before I started the blog..not the other way around so you are already ahead if you’re reading this in Amanda’s class!! I also wish I had gone straight to a self hosted domain and not via…it would have saved a lot of hassle! Have fun and enjoy it!

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